Enhancing Your Customer’s Experience with Xima

Contact Center solutions have been focused on voice for decades, with service-oriented companies maintaining staffs full of people devoted to fielding phone calls. Of course, those contact centers are still out there in abundance — but what’s changed is the customer.

In fact, the biggest changes in this scenario are the devices customers use to seek service, and the platform or app they’re most comfortable using. As we know, landlines have nearly fallen by the wayside, and gone are the days of using a phone strictly for making voice calls.

However, we know that some customers are still using standard methods, such as calling with an issue or a question. With a Xima solution, Contact Centers can streamline their call flow, ensuring that their clients are paired with qualified agents based on the questions or concern of the customer. In addition to their Skill-Based Routing, Xima helps reduce Contact Center’s wait times by giving the customer the option to stay on the line, reserve an agent, or leave their number to have the next available agent give them a call back — this way, the customer can wait hands free and creates a more enjoyable experience for the client.

As touched on before, the customer is constantly changing, looking for easier ways to get in contact with businesses. Xima offers a chat solution, giving clients the ability to speak with agents right from your website. This live webchat option helps your business answer quick and simple questions, helping to relieve your Call Center queue.

By focusing on both the traditional customer, as well as, the new-age client, your business will help create gratifying, engaging experiences for every customer.