The Benefits of Unified Communications

Technology continuously changes every day and how your business communicates and connects with its clients is no exception. Unified Communications refers to enterprise-quality voice, collaboration and conferencing tools. These crucial tools help keep employees connected to your business, whether in the office or working remotely. In addition, Unified Communications provides for operations in terms of increased scalability, improved productivity, and greater efficiency.

Features Offered with Unified Communications 

UCaaS encompasses features such as soft phones, one-click dialing and call transfers, integration with CRM and back-office systems, mobile capabilities, and presence management tools that provide visibility into who is available across an organization.


Improved Collaboration

Unified communications and collaboration go hand-in-hand because UCaaS solutions are designed to let workers leverage tools through a single, unified GUI, compared to navigating disparate solutions or dealing with mismatched extensions. A UCaaS solution can be distributed between various buildings and branches within an organization, providing consistent extensions that can easily be accessed across the entire company—even between satellite offices.


Scalability with UCaaS

The flexibility of the cloud allows businesses to add users to a network more easily, so that companies can grow and scale without having to worry about investing in additional data centers and networking hardware, or always having to add or update on-site equipment. Updates and changes to software systems can also be easily managed and deployed via a UCaaS solution since applications are being delivered through the cloud.