With our customer in mind, we carefully design network solutions focused on business
continuity with complete network assessments, ordering and planning services.

Cabling is a necessary component of many technology projects. Reliable cable plant is the first layer to ensuring the success of endpoint connectivity.
Lan + Wan
Your local and wide area networks are a key component of your infrastructure.  The experience of your end users is heavily reliant on proper network configuration.
With the proliferation of personal and professional wifi enabled devices dependability, speed, and security are crucial to a successful implementation.

Cabling Infrastructure

From network and structured cabling, to data center cabling, acada is able to help your business with any of its network cabling needs. We offer both design and installation services for cabling and data center projects of all sizes.

Design, Installation, Testing And Certification
Installed to meet Category 5e and Category 6 and 6A performance standards

Assessment & Planning
Along with a detailed Assessment and Planning engagement, acada can plan and design a structured cabling system that will help you manage the complex cable infrastructure required by today’s networks.

Cable Testing & Certification
acada also provides cable testing and certification services. Every one of our cabling system is installed to meet current performance specifications. These standards insure that your network cabling can accommodate the bandwidth requirements.

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