The field of technology involving the development, application, and deployment of telecommunication services for the purpose of electronic transmission of voice, fax, or data, between distant parties.

Premise-Based PBX
Your traditional on-site phone system. Our standard Avaya IP Office provides you with a variety of options, enabling us to tailor your system to your specific business needs.
Avaya IP Office
Hosted Solution
A modern, cloud-based system. We've partnered with an industry leader in the hosted sphere, cielo. Their hosted solution gives you flexibility of scalabilty and being remote-friendly.

Phone Systems

Our team is available to either support your current phone system or help you find the best solution that fits your businesses needs (either with an on-premise PBX or a hosted solution).

If you need assistance managing your current system, our knowledgeable team has access to replacement parts, telephones and accessories to most existing or new phone systems. Our certified technicians are available nationwide to help you with your telephone needs.


In addition to helping your business understand or upgrade your new or existing system our team is able to help with the following services:

• Repair Services
• Digital, Analog, VoIP telephone systems
• acada Post-Warranty Maintenance Services
• Technicians on site or remote
• Phone System Management (contract required)
• Project Management
• Planning, Designing & Implementing
• VoIP/Convergence of Voice and Data
• Avaya Maintenance Support Services
• Contact Center Services – Design, Implement, Administer Recycling Services – Hardware
• Moves, Adds, and/or Changes

Carrier Services

Our team at acada is committed to finding you the best and most affordable Local, Long Distance and Internet Carrier Services available in your area. Our alliance with top carriers will ensure that you will receive the most competitive pricing, as well as complete order processing and coordination of installation for all of your telecommunication needs.

• Traditional Phone Lines
• SIP Trunking
• Toll-free Services
• Bundled Services
• Broadband
• Ethernet
• Fiber

Cabling Infrastructure

From network and structured cabling, to data center cabling, acada is able to help your business with any of its network cabling needs. We offer both design and installation services for cabling and data center projects of all sizes.

Design, Installation, Testing And Certification
Installed to meet Category 5e and Category 6 and 6A performance standards.

Assessment & Planning
Along with a detailed Assessment and Planning engagement, acada can plan and design a structured cabling system that will help you manage the complex cable infrastructure required by today’s networks.

Cable Testing & Certification
acada also provides cable testing and certification services. Every one of our cabling system is installed to meet current performance specifications. These standards insure that your network cabling can accommodate the bandwidth requirements.

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